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Marines MC is a three piece patch motorcycle club that respects the protocols of the lifestyle and fiercly stands gaurd of the freedom it represents.  We pride oursevlves in riding only American made Motorcycles. 

About Us

The club is open to all honorably discharged Marines, Corpsmen (FMF Fleet attached to a Combat unit with MOS of 8404) and currently active duty USMC. We only ride American made motorcycles. We are dedicated to preserving the oath of honor we have all pledged in becoming Marines, the welfare of our brother Marines and the memory of all Marines who have passed before us. We wear a three-piece patch to signify our commitment to each other and to the honor of being the few who can rightfully wear the Scarlet and Gold.

Neither the United States Marine Corps nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this activity, and as such the Marines Motorcycle Club is not affiliated with the United States Marine Corps. The Marines MC patch, all information on this site and any use or reference to the Marines MC is forbidden without written permission. Any unauthorized use of the Marines MC name or patch; will be dealt with swiftly and accurately.

"You can run but you will die tired!"



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